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Emoji book titles

Emoji Book Title Challenge!

Can you guess all the book titles using just emoji clues?

Can you come up with a few emoji book titles of your own? Email your ideas to Ms. Jackie to add to the challenge,!

Kid Lit Resources you can enjoy from home!

Kid Lit Resources!

Library Songs and Readalouds with Ms. Jackie

Bring Cragmont Library home!

The Glasses song

These are my glasses, this is my book.

I put on my glasses, and open up my book.

And I read, read, read.

And I look, look, look.

I put down my glasses, and [whoop] close up my book!

Walking Walking, with a Twist

Walking, walking, walking, walking.

Sit, sit, sit. Sit, sit, sit.

Reading, reading, reading. Reading, reading, reading.

Hello friends, hello friends.

{wiggle version}

Walking, walking, walking, walking.

Hop, hop hop. Hop, hop, hop.

Running, running running. Running, running running.

Now we stop, now we stop [freeze!]

Ms. Jackie- mini book and song.mp4

Make a Mini book and sing a Library Song

I love the flowers, I love the daffodils.

I love the mountains, and the rolling hills.

And I love the fireside when the lights are low.

Ah boom-di-a, ah boom-di-a, ah boom-di-a, ah boom-di-a.

*Website directions for the mini books/zine:

Ms. Jackie- Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle hand story.mp4

Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle Story

Tell a story just using your two hands!

Readalouds with Ms. Jackie!

Ms. Jackie_ A Pet for Fly Guy on Sora.mp4

A Pet For FLy Guy by Ted Arnold

Read by Ms. Jackie using Sora!

Ms. Jackie_ Oops, Pounce Quick Run on Sora.mp4

Oops, Pounce, Quick, Run by Mike Twohy

Read by Ms. Jackie using Sora!

STEM Cook Prize Books: Author Videos

Watch the slideshow and videos by clicking on the window below!